Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chomsky tops intellectual poll

The latest issue of Prospect magazine publishes the results of its top global intellectuals poll, as voted for by readers of it and Foreign Policy. Coming straight in at number one (to do my radio impersonation) is none other than that god of the liberal left, the mighty Noam Chomsky. He received almost twice as many votes as that of second placed writer/philosopher Umberto Eco.

He certainly got my vote, although I had only heard of about 10% of the one hundred nominees. Wish they had chosen a less frightening cover image though.

The top 10:

1. Noam Chomsky
2. Umberto Eco
3. Richard Dawkins
4. Vaclav Havel
5. Christopher Hitchens
6. Paul Krugman
7. Jurgen Habermas
8. Amartya Sen
9. Jared Diamond
10. Salman Rushdie

My only question is where the fuck is Jeff Fahey!?!


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