Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Spot of housekeeping here, or admin, or news, or just a quick mention of something deemed relevant, whatever you wish to call it. Generic Mugwump is moving. It's transferring its offices from the urban banality that is Coleraine - located on the northern hemisphere of Northern Ireland - to the metropolis of London. As of Monday 18 September, Generic Mugwump will be operating out of some south-eastern London commune, alongside a view of Canary Wharf and the finest second-hand book shops the British capital has to offer.

Now, as with all moves into the unknown, a large dollop of ambiguity accompanies it, a good dose of mist to conceal that clarity you know is just over there, but can we see it? Beyond a rough outline, a furry few edges, it remains thoroughly in the obscure. How will Generic Mugwump cope in this bustling conurbation? Will it’s reviewing fall deep into the wayside? Short stories into the abyss? All that other assorted ephemera chucked into a black bin-liner and given the rail death treatment?

Well hopefully not. I promise to at least endeavour not to let this place be forgotten like Pantera’s first four albums. The glistening chaos of The City mile, the Ballardian high-rises, the collage of humanity painted using a truly global palate, all will undoubtedly inspire and motivate, all will give the necessary shove to excommunicate that panoply of thoughts from the head onto the page. There may not be as many masterpiece movies viewed, but with every experience lessened comes fresh, nascent ones to enthral and enrapture.

One assurance I do give is that I will restrain my more pretentious tendencies and resist a horde of articles beginning with such nauseating dreck as: “I was standing in Tate Modern yesterday, staring deep into the belly of a Max Ernst, when suddenly…” or “There I was, standing adjacent to Will Self in Waterstones.” That braggart ostentation would scrape the bile from the walls of my stomach in less than a second.

I’ll be in touch.


Anonymous DukeDeMondo said...

Sir Fleming, your absence in the area is as a great void where once a mighty tumour filled not with disease but with splendor did stand. I wish none but well on this jaunt, and shall surely be o'er in due course to sample those three shelves o' neitzche and to learn how to spell it also.

and if you're stood aside Will Self in Waterstones, you KNOW Mugwump will not rest till it's been set in ones and zeroes.

2:00 pm  
Blogger midnitcafe said...

How's London treating you?

8:37 pm  
Blogger Miss Templeton said...

The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour is loads of fun actually!

But secondhand bookshops already? I knew you should have read Keep the Aspidistra Flying!

2:36 pm  

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