Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tri Bruce

Bruce Campbell, wandering a post-apocalyptic landscape where chins have risen to cultural apotheosis, he runs his own chin portfolio business

Bruce Dickenson, ripped from a recording studio by a troupe of minxy imps and transported to 7th century England, he runs forever pursued by a maniacal 10ft high iron maiden

Bruce Willis, swims the flows of the subconscious in constant strive to die harder

“Fuck ye imp bastards!”/highways enlaced with mammoth billboards of chin imagery, the vicious angles extend to forbidden galaxies under spectral Terminal Invasion/chain mail badgers patrol the entrance to the jingly jangos, creaking wheels of steel and mesh capitulate the wasteland/”How the fuck can I die harder?”/office architect has erected the required Dadaist chin sculpture in geometric alliance to the harbourers of Euclid/vest paradigm/”Chin operating manual has glitches, call the lieutenant”/trapped by a regimented prospectus, the antacid conforms to the pretence, and Bruce is dragged to Moattown

Client problems:refusal of chinology principles, multiplication in chin existence, chin dissolution to entropic state/Seagal mechanisms of doubt:failure, “Must die harder!”/agents of forehead are agglomerating on edge of chin discourse/”Beard politics has no place in chinvision”, states Bruce with glints of quadrilateral in his eyes/emasculated badgers drag Bruce to his destiny/bubbles of crescendo interlock with methodologies, demarcation of hard/interceptors of forehead infiltrate furtive infinity with Bruce as deified consequence

Backfire of affairs, fringe combat initiated/crying spellbound peasants reek of Eddie/missionaries can no longer cope with dynamism of the plague of seek/forehead revolution in disassembly/chin citizenry promulgated by fresh god/air running out/failure of escape, incarceration in iron maiden immanent/champion of the crease increase/crenellations of yippee ki yay/angular monstrosities enact redemptive ban on forehead/moribund oblique in the chamber/success in transverse adamantine equivocations/chin benefactors renounce expository/demise of duration/approximation of custodial divinity


Anonymous Duke De Mondo said...

YES!!!!!!!! man, these experimental freewheelin paragraph shreddin tapestries, i could read the bastards all day! this is brilliant, that mix of the high-brow and the low-brow, with affection for both but not really offering any allegiance, wonderful.

4:56 pm  

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