Friday, January 27, 2006

Musical Excursions

Recently I’ve moved off into the realm of the musicological, thus explaining the lack of updates on here in the past week or so, I’ve had to shirk my writing responsibilities (and plenty others) to experiment with the wonderful world of the riff. And so what has come of it are two musical projects worthy of a few introductory and promotional words (links and so on will follow at the end).

First project is The John Matrix Blues Quintet. This is my solo undertaking, yes despite the numerology in the title it is but one man. It mainly consists of some guitar by myself, along with a few samples of Arnold Schwarzenegger, just to give that slight hint of structure, apparently music fans like that. There’s something for everyone here, for those of the acoustic guitar sensibility there’s ‘Arnica Acoustica’ for your very aurals, or for those who prefer something a bit more heavy, perhaps of a death metal type of bludgeon, then there’s ‘Cookies’ to sample. Other songs include the mystifyingly popular ‘Arnie Syndrome’, and the Total Recall themed ‘Remember Arnie Cash and Carry’.

The other project is a collaboration with The Duke named Impossible Mexico. It too features guitar by me (I see a trend here), alongside vocals and lyrics by master wordplayer and crooner The Duke. Only one song so far, the epic ‘Fahey In Excelsis’. I doubt I need go into detail of the thematic qualities of that particular ode. It’s not foreign territory for either of us I’ll say that much. Expect more songs in the near future, such as the soon to arrive Kickboxer composition.

All of this music is available from myspace, chosen because it’s accessibly easy to use to further those music needs, it’s as simple as uploading the mp3 and there ya go, right there, songs ready to be enjoyed by millions. Go ahead and check them out at the following links:

The John Matrix Blues Quintet

Impossible Mexico


Blogger Miss Templeton said...

Had the husband listen to most of the samples on the John Matrix Blues Quintet last night. He said "amusing" and then went back to practicing his ukulele.

But have you noticed that MySpace seems to need a lot of downtime for maintenance? I'd be listening to Impossible Mexico this very moment but for that.

11:28 am  
Blogger Aaron Fleming said...

A ukulele! How I wish I had one of those to add to the symphony.

But yeh MySpace is indeed a clunky enterprise. Plenty of downtime (such as right now), songs not loading, pages unavailable etc. But what can you do.

11:44 am  
Blogger Greg Smyth said...

Sir Fleming, your wonderment knows no bounds! Best of luck in these musical shenannigans.

9:15 pm  
Blogger Miss Templeton said...

Ukeleles -- or in the Portuguese, which they most certainly are -- machadas are quite the hip thing these days in this part of the world. The husband took us to Hawaii to visit the luthier who is making one of mango wood just for him and the cost is roughly equivalent to one of my plane tickets to your fair part of the world.

But I am running hot and cold on the MySpace thing. If your musical endeavors -- however wonderful they may be -- are depriving us of further posts on Generic Mugwump, I am registering my disappointment.

The Fahey Christmas Carol, for instance, was something I mentioned ceaselessly for weeks. Would love to have more in that line of thought...

2:55 am  
Blogger Aaron Fleming said...

Well I'm sure normal service will return soon enough, when I get round to accumulating a resemblance of balance with all this stuff. My musical urges were dissipating slightly there for a few days, but yesterday things were once again reinvigorated due to my discovery that I can get a sound close to a bass using only my guitar (for evidence check out the new John Matrix track, Larry Lament).

But I've also been reading a fair bit recently, and that's always something to push in the direction of a penmanship or two. So don't worry, this place ain't gonna be shunned and ignored for much longer.

3:27 pm  

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