Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Ken Foree Debacle

Amidst an ocean of discussion on a heap of wide ranging issues, from precisely how mad was that wild-haired, ecclesiastical individual in Battle Potemkin, to which eye of Jeff Fahey’s is the entire cosmos more visible in, a certain topic of divine importance has arisen between The Duke and I, one which threatens to engulf us all.

Ken Foree, best known for thespian duties in Dawn of the Dead and From Beyond, is at the crux of the issue. Now I contend that it is pronounced ‘For-ee’, whereas The Duke postulates ‘For-ray’. Now we’ll ignore the comparisons this situation has with the Fa-hey/Fay-hey debates for now, although of course The Duke and I sit at the same table on that one.

I could perhaps entertain the idea of ‘For-ray’ if an accent were present on an ‘e’ or two, but no, ain’t no frenchification occurring here. And he’s not French nationality either, born, according to the IMDB, in Indianapolis.

As we discussed this again a couple of days ago, or yesterday, a mutual friend of ours consented that the key syllable in a surname, to him and his Irish brethren, was the first, in this case ‘For’, and so by corollary the later part/s fade into insignificance. Using this notion of anthroponymic study, it’s clear that emphasis, equal or more, needs to be attributed to the second syllable for The Duke’s interpretations to hold true, therefore it’s ‘For-ee’.

Now I’m sure this matter has yet to be fully rectified, and disputes will continue, but at least it’s out there in the public domain now.


Anonymous Duke De Mondo said...

there's only one way to settle it. The 4-disc Dawn Of The Dead has a commentary featuring Mr Foree on the European Version (disc 3). Surely he pronounces his own name correctly. This brings me to a crucial point - In the r2 Dawn... disc featured in the fuckin woeful Trilogy Of The Dead box, Tom Savini distinctly refers to Ken For-Ray on the commentary. Since he's worked with Sir Foree many times, we can only assume he pronounces his name correctly. If, for example, i assumed that your own name was pronounced Flem-Ang, i would hope that such matters would be fixed upon conversing. you see the issue here. Sadly, it appears Foree's family background is rather mixed, and includes a hint of Irish, which would lend further credence to your own argument.
I have no further thoughts on it all at this time, since i'm busy chewin the eyes off a some rabid banshees.

8:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like nothing more but believe that it's For-ee. But if Savini himself says For-ay, then there is room for no more discussion.

5:54 am  

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