Friday, October 28, 2005

Quirks and Postures: Confessions of the socially ignoble

Food minimalism

I made a discovery recently, during contemplations on an article never written, that I seem to be some sort of food minimalist. This includes a number of little idiosyncrasies that have at times caused questions and awkward glances. A few of them are as follows (you’ll see how this plays into the whole minimalist theory):
Pancakes with nothing on them
Plain burgers
Crackers with little more than butter
Dry Weetabix

Also I don’t really like to smother my plate with as much as possible, two or three individual foods are more than enough. And arrangement of these is important, for example, I usually attempt to keep gravy just for meats and mashed potato, you’ll find me frequently doing battle with gravy in an attempt to save my roast potatoes from a soggy future.


I have a tendency to be profoundly intelligent at the wrong moment, like that time in P2 when I put forth the notion that Kant’s The Critique of Pure Reason would have been more appropriately titled The Critique of Pure Shite.


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