Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Hero of the Week
The personage most worthy of the accolade this week is that mighty architect of the sublime Curb Your Enthusiasm, and co-creator of the majestic Seinfeld, none other than Larry David. Just watch as he ponders deep into the soul of his opponents, how he says all that we wish we could say, he truly is more human than all of us. A gargantuan of comedic prodigiousness!

This week’s Hero runner-up is the wonderfully perpetually-confused 'Irish Jim'. I ask, in his honour, who are you? What’s going on?

In other news
Miss Templeton has posted an enticingly lovely comment on the topic of this very site, visit right in this marvel of hyperlinked frenzy here.

Also, I’m attempting to get into proggy power metal band Symphony X this week. It’s making progress, and I can feel myself taking to it.


Anonymous Duke De Mondo said...

hahahah! i was thinkin of puttin Irish Jim into some writin of other. he needs his own literary movement! the Wha'? movement, perhaps!

and a fine hero you've picked here, is there any finer? as a hero, he's "perty good... PRREEETTY good!" hahah god almighty

4:45 pm  

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