Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Poem for Yesterday

Sleep-in, cold virus demitting slowly,
Consumption of necessity,
Library yields no positivity,
Early sit ended via compulsory affairs,
Truly compulsory?

Turns out no, but whatever,
Sort of soiree, explosion of cackle,
Sit symposium eases mind of neuroses,
Edgy converse, relaxation and sit follows,
Diet Coke, royalty, civil liberties, free speech.

Chicken and Bukowski,
Eflat ponderances,
Ginsberg discusses fascist laws,
No Enigma of Kasper Hauser,
Nor Crumb, restless.

Electronic epistolary brings joy and confusion,
A Fahey tale unleashed,
Genet, Artaud, Kerouac, meanderings in Ginsberg,
Final slab of John Cage,


Blogger midnitcafe said...

Listen up, you prolific writting bastard. Slow the F down, or start writing some shite before the rest of us have to go break your kneecaps because you're showing us up.

Seriously man, you're writting A LOT of really good stuff. Puts me to shame.

-mat brewster

7:32 pm  
Blogger Aaron Fleming said...

Thank you very much, I really appreciate praise from yourself!

Well it's only a matter of time before I am menaced by the huge ogre of writer's block, I'm expecting it at my door anytime soon.

9:32 pm  
Anonymous Duke De Mondo said...

hells bells, man, even if that wolf does come a knockin, this here stuff is the pot the fucker'll burn in. this here piece in particular, in fact, fuckin sublime.

11:18 pm  

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